Two types of workshops are being run as part of this research project.

CoachDISC Profile Report Debrief Workshops

These sessions are provided by Liz Masen to support coaches in using the CoachDISC Profile Report that they receive as part of participating in this research. These interactive online workshops have been held numerous times during 2023 and the last of these workshops will be scheduled up until May 2024. Please see below the available workshops you can register for. 

FINAL Workshop Date:

Wednesday, May 22 / Thursday, May 23 2024

Coach Research Results Workshop

These workshops will be held during May and July 2024 with coaches who have participated in the research, to discuss the results and to gauge their reflections on the results. These sessions will bring together coaches by their sport to review, interpret, reflect, discuss, and provide their input into the application of the results. There will be at least one workshop for each of the sports of basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, football (soccer), rugby union, and volleyball. If you’d like to participate in one of these workshops, please email Liz Masen to express your interest in the Research Results Workshop using the details provided on the Contact page of this website.

Workshop dates coming soon.